Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Alt Left Generation!

We can see them right here, but they just haven’t found the Alt Left / Realist Left yet:

We can also see them here in the statistics on European youth unemployment for 2015 (i.e., the number of unemployed people from 15 to 24 years old as a percentage of the youth labour force):
Greece | 49.8%
Italy | 40.3%
Spain | 48.4%
Portugal | 31.9%
Slovak Republic | 26.4%
France | 24.7%
Belgium | 22.1%
Finland | 22.0%
Ireland | 20.9%
Poland | 20.8%
Sweden | 20.3%
Hungary | 17.3%
Luxembourg | 17.3%
Slovenia | 16.4%
Latvia | 16.3%
Austria | 10.6%
United Kingdom | 14.6%
United States | 11.6%
Czech Republic | 12.6%
Netherlands | 11.3%
Denmark | 10.8%
Germany | 7.3%
They just need to hear a different message, and wake up to the disaster of neoliberalism, the regressive left and SJW insanity, and see a different kind of left, because many of them might be lost to the populist right or Alt Right.

In short, they need this kind of left, the *Alt Left*:

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